Uganda 2020.
Feb. 3rd–Feb. 29th.

Volunteer. Donate.

Mutoto, District of Mbale.

Barely 50% of the children in Uganda finish primary school. And only a quarter makes it to the 8th grade. We want to change that.

After bringing free quality education to 150 children in Nepal, is ready to break new ground.

In 2020, we’re building three new classrooms for the Golden Hill Academy in Mutoto, Uganda.

Metal shacks will be replaced by bricked buildings to avoid closing the school for four months during rainy season.

Help us build this school.

Become a volunteer now or find more information here.


How we spend.

To empower the people of Mutoto, we decided not to hire a large corporation for construction — but instead chose experienced, local workers who will help us realize this goal.

This way we can provide income to families within the community and help tie the connection between locals and the Golden Hill Academy.

The only way to create long-term impact, is to make the locals a part of our project.

  •  2,700€, Timber & cement
  •  4,300€, Local workers
  •  4,700€, Bricks
  •  9,000€, Sand, stones & bars
  •  9,000€, Further material
  •  29,700€, Total


If some of your questions remain unanswered after reading the FAQs, feel free to reach out by contacting us.

Do I have to pay to join the team in Uganda?

No, there are no costs involved. Since we’d like to contribute 100% of our donations to the project, we don’t cover your, nor our own travel expenses. They are paid out of your own pocket.

What about food and necessities?

As last time, we have again partnered with local families who will serve us with traditional African dishes for $8.00 a day. Once you’re a confirmed volunteer, you will receive a detailed list of which toiletries and equipment to bring along.

How long can I stay?

There is no limit to how long your stay may last, even after construction, you’re free to help by e.g. teaching. However, we kindly ask you for a minimum stay of two weeks.

Where do we spend the night?

We will sleep in tents inside the village close to the site where you’ll be able to interact with locals daily. That time of the year is dry-season in Uganda, so it will be quite warm (25°C–30°C) — please be well prepared.

What kind of jobs can I do?

Depending on your skills, willpower, stamina and other factors, there will be various tasks for you to pick from. You’re a carpenter? Great, construct door and window frames. You’re good at painting? Perfect, make our school a happier place by drawing the world map on our classroom walls. Things we have do on a daily basis, upon many, include carrying things from one place to another, such as stones, fences, cement… There are lots of tasks to do. You will surely find something you enjoy doing.

How much will we work?

A regular day amounts to approximately 5–6h of work. You will have enough time to do your Yoga in the morning, go for a hike, finish your book or play some football with the locals. This project will offer you an opportunity to experience the daily struggle of an Ugandan family.

Weekends are off-time and free for you to enjoy.