Nepal 2018.
Oct. 6th–Oct. 20th.

Apply. Donate.


We will bring free education to the village of Chandisthan, Nepal, in October 2018. We have already set up temporary buildings in the form of metal cottages where thirty children are being schooled already today.

Help us turn this vision into reality — become a volunteer now.


How we spend.

Since Nepal is regularly haunted by earthquakes, we have decided to build single floor buildings. This increases our costs but significantly decreases the risk of children getting hurt during earthquakes.

By hiring local workers we generate jobs & provide members of the community with income for their families.

  •  10,270€, Land & Foundation
  •  5,800€, Bricks & Roof
  •  4,130€, Interior & School material
  •  2,000€, Workers
  •  1,500€, Windows & Doors
  •  1,300€, Sand & Cement


If some of your questions remain unanswered after reading the FAQs, feel free to reach out by contacting us.

Do I have to pay to join the team in Nepal?

No, there are no costs involved. Unfortunately, at this point we are not able to cover your costs of transportation to Nepal.

What about food and necessities?

We have partnered with local families that will serve us with traditional nepali dishes for €2.50 a meal. Getting a real nepalese experience while supporting local communities. Once you’re a confirmed volunteer, you will receive a detailed list of which toiletries and equipment to bring along.

Where do we spend the night?

For our two week stay we will sleep in tents inside the village. The weather in Nepal during the time of October is around 25°C degrees — the perfect weather for camping.

What kind of jobs can I do?

Depending on your skills, willpower, stamina and other factors, there will be various tasks for you to pick from. You’re a carpenter? Great, construct door and window frames. You’re good at painting? Perfect, make our school a happier place by drawing the world map on our classroom walls. Things we have do on a daily basis, upon many, include carrying things from one place to another, such as stones, fences, cement… There are lots of tasks to do. You will surely find something you enjoy doing.

How much will we work?

A regular day amounts to approximately 4–5h of work. We value the concept of free time and privacy a lot. Feel free to do your Yoga in the morning, go for a hike, finish your book or play some football with the local kids. Time off is when you decide it to be.