Nakigo, Uganda.

Great Hope Junior School.

The Great Hope Junior School is an English elementary school — including seven classrooms and a school library. It is part of the community project Great Hope Uganda, dedicated to providing quality education to less privileged children in Uganda.


Impactful Leadership.

Our Visionary Partner.

Eddy is the founder of Great Hope Uganda. Throughout his own school career, he experienced a lot of violence in schools with low-quality education. Now, it is his mission to create a safe, peaceful learning environment for the students of his community. In 2016, he founded his first school in his hometown Budhumbuli.

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Our Building Project in 2021.

In 2021, we built the basic facilities and the main building, including seven classrooms, one library, and one office from scratch.


Look behind the Curtains.

A Self-Sustaining System.

Our goal is to build a self-sustaining school to empower the local community and drive economic and ecologic change. The plan is to install solar panels and a biodigester to cover the school’s energy needs. A school-community model farm will both teach the students about sustainable farming and generate income to cover school costs.

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