264 Million Children Don’t Go to School.


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Our Mission.

We Are on a Mission to Provide Every Child with a Fair Chance in Life.

We Build Schools.

Education is the most powerful tool, to change the world. By building schools, we’re tackling the source of poverty.

Local Leadership.

By partnering with local visionaries the community empowerment is led by one of them.

Long-term Support.

Financial and qualitative long-term support ensures a sustainable and positive transformation of the community.

Our Promise.

1€ Equals 1€.

We’re bringing the entrepreneurial spirit to the NGO world. By running our “for impact organization” like a start-up, we maximize our influence per Euro spent. We’ve set up efficient processes to get rid of unnecessary activities. Additionally, we leverage digital tools where possible to be able to provide more kids with education.


Lasting Partnerships.

Local Leadership.

264 partners with local visionaries. We identify individuals with a strong urge and vision to positively transform their communities. They lead the projects, resulting in the empowerment coming from within the community.


Let’s Educate Children Together.

current students.

classrooms built.

local teachers & staff.
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