264 million children
don’t go to school.

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Educated children have the power to transform their country and the world into a better place. Warren Buffett once said that anything good that happened in his life could be traced back to the fact that he was born in the right country.

264.education, short 264, wants to provide every child with a fair chance in life — no matter where it is born. We do this by building schools all around the world.

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Be part of an inspiring team of people from all over the world. We come together to change the future of less fortunate children.

Have a real impact by teaching in the mountains of Nepal, moving rocks to build a school’s foundation in Uganda or simply help fundraising in your own country.

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1€ equals 1€.

A lack of education is the root cause of poverty in developing countries. If we truly want to help others, we need to invest in the future generations of these countries.

With 264, 1,00€ donated equals 1,00€ for the children.

As a lean organization, we keep administrative costs at a minimun and cover them from our own, personal budget — allowing us to pass on 100% of the amount you are donating.

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