Become an Educational Activist.

Without any doubt, project visits are a unique way to learn about our work on the ground and to meet our incredible partners. If we are being honest though, how you can support our cause most is by raising funds and by spreading the word. Therefore, the best way to support is by starting your own 264 fundraiser.

Every € Goes so Much Further.

Have a Lasting Impact.

Every single Euro raised goes a long way on the ground. Below, you can find exemplary cost estimates for all our partner schools.


Pens and pencils for one class to write down creative ideas.


Exercise books to practice for one class. To be able to write down important learnings.


One set of uniforms for one class, which are mandatory in Ugandan schools.


One month of sanitary pads for adolescent girls — making sure that being on their period won’t stop them from coming to school.


One month of soap and sanitizer for clean hands and health protection.


One month of posho (maize) and beans for breakfast — food for thought.

Be Creative.

Raise Funds Your Way.

Whether you run a marathon, grow a mustache, color your hair pink, pledge your birthday, host a fundraising dinner, write a blog entry, create a fundraising video — nothing is off the table. Of course, the more people you reach and the more funds you’re able to raise, the better.

Start a Fundraiser.

See Your Impact.

Visit Our Partner Schools to See Your Impact.

You are welcome any time to pay our partner schools a visit and see your impact with your own eyes.

Reach Out.