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We believe that clarity is the cornerstone of trust. We’re committed to demystifying the world of volunteering and charitable giving. We understand that you may have questions about how we operate, where your donations go, or how you can get involved. We’re here to answer those questions.

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We do not explicitly offer volunteering because, let’s be honest: The $ money spent for the volunteer to travel to the school is better spent on local teachers’ salaries. That said, we are still open to school visits. Seeing the project and the impact on the ground is a truly life-changing experience. If you would like to visit one of our schools, we are more than happy to connect you to our local partners, who are used to having visitors stop by now and then. We do not consider ourselves a travel agency but more a facilitator enabling you to be on the ground to support and have a unique volunteering experience. Of course, we will provide you with essential information and answer questions you may have to ensure that you feel confident and well-prepared for your time abroad. Still, we expect a certain level of independent and proactive planning.

Do I have to pay for volunteering at 264?
What about accommodation, food, and amenities?
Does 264 cover transportation, visa, or anything else for me?
How long can I stay?


Which payment method can I choose for my sponsorship?
Do I have to pay my sponsorship every month?
Can I choose the amount of my sponsorship?
Can I change the amount of my sponsorship afterward?
Can I choose which school I want to support?
Can I cancel my sponsorship?
Can I get a donation receipt?
What happens if I want to update my personal information (e.g., credit card details, e-mail address)?
Can I gift a sponsorship to someone?
How is the payment process when I want to gift a sponsorship?

Transparency / Donations.

Below, we answer frequently asked questions regarding your donations and how we ensure they arrive where they are most needed. For further information, please also check out our transparency page.

What do you spend my money on?
Can I choose the specific cause of my donation?
How do you ensure my money ends where it’s needed?
Do you control what your partners spend the money on?
How do you send the money to your local partners?
Does my donation also cover 264’s administrative cost?
Can I get a donation receipt?
Can I support you with my own fundraising campaigns?