Our Projects.

Since our launch in 2018, we have built ten classrooms, are currently educating about 300 children, and are providing a monthly income to 30 local teachers and support staff who are running our operations on the ground.

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Great Hope Junior School.

Our latest project in eastern Uganda. The English primary school is located in the heart of three local communities and offers quality education to 245 students spread over seven classes.

Golden Hill Academy.

An English primary & kindergarten school in eastern Uganda. We’re currently educating 210 children spread over seven classes. Sixteen local teachers & support staff are responsible for the children’s education.

Heaven Hill Academy.

An English primary & kindergarten school in the mountains of Himalaya. The Heaven Hill Academy is one of the first schools in Nepal providing free, non-violent education. By leveraging positive reinforcement teaching techniques, the school aims to be a role model for other schools — starting a non-hitting school movement.

New Vision Academy.

The New Vision Academy is a sister-school of the Heaven Hill Academy, under the same headmaster and similar values, as well as goals. Providing free, non-hitting education to the poorest children of the community.