About Us.

We are a group of entrepreneurs, management consultants, growth strategists and students. As volunteers we spend most of our free time building schools in developing countries. Why? Simply because we think it’s the right thing to do.

Meet the Team.

A Team of 8 Based in Germany.

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Founder & Management
Project visits: 5


Founder & Engineering
Project visits: 0


Operations & Efficiency
Project visits: 2


Project visits: 2


Automation & Processes
Project visits: 1


School Sponsorships
Project visits: 0


Volunteers & Community
Project visits: 1


Media Production
Project visits: 1

On the Ground.

Regular Project Visits.

By visiting our projects regularly we make sure our donations are invested where they should be. Our goal is to visit each partner twice in a year.

Our Projects.

A Passionate Side-Hustle.

Quarterly Weekend Off-Sites.

We meet once a quarter to discuss the most pressing topics. On those weekends we decide and debate topics like where to build our next school. How can we offer lunch in all of our schools? How to improve our operative processes.

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