100% of Donations Go towards Education.

Our mission is to provide every child with a fair chance in life. Together with our local partners, we build schools to make a difference for the children and the local community.

15€ a Month Change Everything.

Long-Term Impact.

Invest in a world where children spend their time going to school, not tending sheep. It does cost us 15,00€ to send one child to school. By committing to a monthly donation, you are supporting our schools in providing a long-term, sustainable impact.

Give Monthly.

An Example.

Needs Vary from School to School. Here’s a Selection of Things We’re Paying for.

School Materials.

A long day of school calls for many things, upon which are books, rubbers, pencils, chalk, and other school materials.


By hiring local teachers, we’re providing community members with a recurring, monthly income.


It’s impossible to solve difficult Math equations on an empty stomach, which is why we’re trying to provide all children with one warm meal per day.

1€ Equals 1€.

Maximizing Your Impact.

Sending a child’s drawing from Nepal to Germany might be cute, but it’s equally expensive — that money could have been spent on educating a child. Instead, once you are subscribed monthly, you will receive digital updates about all 264-related projects and our schools twice a year.

Give Monthly.