Chiti, Nepal.

New Marigold School.

This is the third school run by our local visionary Shamser Thapa. In 2022, 264 helped him acquire and re-open the kindergarden of New Marigold School after it had to close down during the pandemic. With this project the children in Chiti can finally go back to school again. More classes will be added once long-term financing is secured.


Impactful Leadership.

Our Visionary Partner.

Shamser Thapa has already been running the Heaven Hill Academy and New Vision Academy when he decided to acquire the New Marigold School as his 3rd school. Since he grew up under very poor and rough circumstances, his dream was to start a free and non-hitting school for the poorest children of the community. His modern teaching style includes positive reinforcement, creative library lessons, and the inclusion of children with Down Syndrome.

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Reopening in 2022.

Expanding Education in Lamjung.

The global pandemic has hit the developing countries particularly hard. When the former owners needed to close down the New Marigold School in Chiti, Shamser and 264 decided that the children from the surrounding communities should not suffer from losing access to education. In 2022, Shamser and his team acquired the existing school buildings and permits to assure that these kids can go back to school.


Look behind the Curtains.

TED Talk.

Shamser has become an advocate for teaching without violence at Nepalese schools. By spreading this message, he is hoping to inspire other principals and teachers to follow him into a world where children are not beaten for forgetting their homework. In 2019 Shamser held a TEDx Talk in Kathmandu to spread his message.

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