Word by Word.

Teach at Our School.

Share your knowledge! Assist our local teachers or teach your class. Depending on your skills, you will be teaching subjects like English, Maths, Geography, or foster the kids’ creativity by painting with them in the library. Use our school facilities to educate children about hygiene and the importance of clean, drinkable water.

Start Teaching.


Interact with Locals.

Discover an exciting new culture while sharing your own! Participate at a community meeting with the village elders, play football with the kids, or simply get invited to a cup of tea by a friendly neighbor. At 264, we foster the cultural exchange between locals and volunteers so both sides can learn from each other.


Friends for a Lifetime.

Be Part of the 264 Family.

Make friends for life while sharing the unique experience of volunteering! We see the 264 volunteers and our local partners as a community that comes together to work towards the goal of providing children with a fair chance in life. All our volunteers live with local families and share experiences. Everybody contributes to everyday life by taking responsibility for one another.

Be a Part.

264 Spirit.

The Children Come First.

By volunteering with 264, you need to be aware that for us, children come first — always! No matter what we do, we do it with a shared goal in mind: to create a better future for those children and their families. We expect you to contribute to the community while we’re on the ground. It’ll push you out of your comfort zone, but it will also be the most rewarding thing you could ever imagine.

Have Impact.