This Christmas, Build Two Classrooms.

of €15,000 raised so far! 🙏

For the 7th Graders to-Be.

Building Two New Classrooms.

Starting from next year, the Heaven Hill Academy will offer the 7th grade for the first time. The Heaven Hill Academy is currently teaching nursery until middle school classes grades 1-6. The oldest students will enter the 7th grade in the next school year. Therefore, our school needs to expand and build additional classrooms.


To Build Two New Classrooms.

15.000€ Are Needed.

By sourcing raw materials locally and hiring local workers, we empower the community’s economy — this is especially important after COVID. For the curious ones among you, we provide you our detailed financing plan by clicking the button below.

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For a New Playground for the Kids.

Another 10.000€ Are Needed.

If we reach our second funding goal of a total of 25.000€, we will buy land attached to our school. This land will be used as a playground for the kids — and potentially for additional classroom buildings.


Until March 2021.

Project Timeline.


We are launching this Christmas fundraiser from the 20th of November until the 6th of January to raise the needed financing for the construction.


Construction planning has already started. Beginning in January 2021, our partner and local workers will start building the new classrooms.


In March 2021, the 7th graders to-be will start their new school year in their new classrooms at the Heaven Hill Academy.

264’s Mission.

Providing Every Child with a Fair Chance in Life.

We build schools for 264 million children who don’t go to school. Our approach is to partner with local visionaries who want to lead change in their communities. We support them with financial support for building and running their schools to create a positive impact on the long-run.

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Change Is Urgently Needed.

Nepal Is among the Poorest Countries in the World.

15% of the Nepalese population lives in extreme poverty. Of course, there are many different reasons, but one of the most pressing ones is the low literacy rate of only 57%. Even though eight schooling years are mandatory, only less than two-thirds of the Nepalese children finish lower secondary schools. (Sources: World Bank, 2020 and CIA Factbook, 2016)

Be Part of the Change.

Our Project Partner since 2018.

Providing Education to the Poorest Kids in Nepal.

The Heaven Hill Academy is an English primary & kindergarten school in the mountains of the Himalayas. Founded in 2015, it is one of the first schools in Nepal to provide free, non-violent education. With 264, we already partnered in 2018 to build three classrooms for the Heaven Hill Academy. Currently, the school is educating 126 students from nursery to middle school.

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Impactful Leadership.

Our Visionary Partner.

Shamser Thapa is the founder & principal of the school. Since he grew up under very poor and rough circumstances, his dream was to start a free and non-hitting school for the poorest children of the community. His modern teaching style includes positive reinforcement, creative library lessons, and the inclusion of children with Down Syndrome. Shamser increases his impact by giving workshops and teaching other school on positive reinforcement techniques.


A Valid Question.

How Does COVID Impact This Building Project?

In these uncertain times, we decided not to send any building volunteers to Nepal. Our project partner and local workers will finalize this project. Furthermore, we source the needed raw materials as regional as possible to not expect any delivery delays. If you have any further questions regarding the project, we’re happy to answer you on Instagram.

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